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No Returns


10:00 AM Monday Morning

Time to check in with my website designer. We are discussing the fine details of the site, pre-launch. 

One of the details is of course my return policy. I immediately responded to her inquiry, “No returns.”

Of all the things that I have pondered over and made decisions on with respect to my site this was an easy response.

I tend to go into terribly long and deep explanations of the, “Why,” behind my decisions and this was no exception. Remember I have ADHD, and that is our tendency.

I have to remember my website designer is not my therapist. Like many professions, where the client is so vested in the outcome, the contracted professional offers far more than the specific services sought.

I decided it was a good idea to explain to all of you as to why I feel so strongly about my decision. I will keep it short by using bullets.

Three main reasons

1) In my work as a Buddhist Chaplain my commitments to projects or people usually involves money. Some of the money that comes through the sales of my merchandise will be committed to others in some form or another. I don’t break those commitments.  
2)I am aware of how people order items, use them and return them regularly. I do not want to encourage that aspect of our current capitalistic community. Take your time and really think about whether you want to purchase one of my pieces of art. Slow down, value what your order and reduce your carbon footprint.
3)I make each item currently so I can assure you that great care has been taken with each item. If that changes then I will reconsider my return policy.


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