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Since 2012, Patti has been actively promoting, sponsoring and curating eco-fashion shows for African designers and community activists.

In 2012, Patti brought Ras Kasozi over from Uganda to Vancouver Fashion Week.  Both the platform and other speaking gigs at Universities that Patti organized and funded resulted in Ras becoming Uganda's number 1 fashion designer and project leader and resourcer of many other upcoming Uganda designers.

Patti has also represented and curated Eco-Fashion shows for five Malawian designers in Australia and Canada in 2017  and an additional five Malawian designers in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018.


Patti uses fashion and music as tools to connect and resourse powerful women and women's movements in Africa. As an ex-natural gas broker she focuses on maximum points of leverage to effect positive change.


For the last 5 years she has lived 6-8 months each year in Malawi.  Her life is dedicated to gender rights and environmental concerns in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.


The Jacket you see Malawian hip-hop artist Black Pace

wearing in the background has three fabrics collaged

together. One represents fire. The dots represent all

the women fighting for rights and the third fabric in

the center stands for gender equity. Mkazi Moto at

the top means Fire Women in chichewa, the local



Black Pace recorded the first Malawian female

hip-hop album entitled Mkazi Moto inspired with

their work with internationally known female

Chief Kachindamoto who is known for ending

childhood marriage in Malawi.  To date she is still

fighting for the rights of some 5000 girls on her



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