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Upscaled Jackets with an Afro-Street Vibe and Life Practice

Black Pace in Blantyre, Malawi. The coat has three fabrics. The outside represents flames, The inside circles, women and the middle sign equality. Mkazimoto is a Chichewa word that means fire women. 

As an ordained zen buddhist chaplain aware of how everyday life from what we choose to eat to what we wear can remind us of how to better care for others and the planet, Patti is taking another step beyond the,"Circular Fashion Economy" to develop her own line of what she calls, "3 Mind AMP,” Jackets.

Her couture designs remind the wearer on a, "REAL TIME BASIS," to act in accordance with actions that ultimately offer more openness, creativity, joy and kindness.

Each jacket comes with a practice.

The jacket below is upscaled from a street market in Blantyre.  It reminds us as we walk to practice keeping our shoulders back, while maintaining a strong spine and open heart. The details on the collar and front of the jacket reminds us that life lies in the details of our day to day interactions.

We often move through our day as a head only thinking..thinking..thinking, with very little full body awareness and intelligence. When we meet someone we may unknowingly be leaning in or leaning out, attaching or disassociating respectively and responding from that level of limited energetic, emotional and intellectual engagement. If we take a moment and feel our second skin, this jacket can generously remind us to re-adjust our physical posture and to feel our strong spine and our open heart, sensing the possibility and magic of this unique moment removed from habitual conditioning.

Each moment of every day enacted from this stance opens us to grace and greatness. It is simple but not so simple.


Chisangalalo embroidered at the top of the jacket means happiness in the local Malawian language  

Just by wearing Patti's jacket we become more embodied, more real and more intimately connected and joyful regardless of external circumstances.

Each jacket comes with an associated practice that helps you appreciate life regardless of circumstances.