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If there is one word that underlies all of my adult life’s journey, it is…. DEVOTION. 

…….From working as a natural gas broker, to becoming a parent, to starting my own natural gas brokerage company to starting an integral alternative school to becoming an ordained zen buddhist chaplain, to cooking and mentoring street youth in a 24-7 youth crisis center, to companion care in critical care wards, to resourcing diaspora led youth platforms in Uganda, Kenya and Malawi, to writing for international fashion platforms, to curating international fashion shows, to managing African hip-hop and Afro-pop artists, to campaigning to expand opportunities for Malawian women and girls and to NOW exploring my life as a Concept Textile Artist celebrating color and collage…

I am simply devoted to whatever I am doing with a clear intention to create more equity in this world, with my focus particularly but not exclusively on Malawian women and girls.

I partner with successful Malawian women who lead their own gender rights movement. My role across the decades has been to resource, learn and make possible the connections that enable their efforts to succeed with greater ease.