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While randomly playing with circles of coloured fabrics, an unplanned vertical sequence of red, yellow and black took form. 


Black boldly took the place of green and everything that a, “Green Light,” stands for was replaced with BLACK.

GO…not stop, not pause but a full forward proceed for BIPOC.

In addition to the traffic light parallel of GREEN AND GO, a black light also exposes what is not visible to the naked eye. BlackLit Bucket Bag co-collaborators Black Pace and Patti have worked since 2016 in Malawi/Sub-Saharan Africa both resourcing African women and exposing performative ally-ship and superficial diversity politics.


Each Bag from this series is a derivative of Black Lit 1, possessing one or more black circles to act as a constant reminder to stand with, learn from, resource and actively elect BIPOC into all leadership positions.


In addition to the powerful black circles and what they stand for these bags fulfill an additional purpose, similar to Patti’s pockets of generosity and that is the opportunity to practice generosity. 

In the morning the wearer puts three things in the bag that they intend to give away. It might be an actual thing or even just a note to self that they give to themselves mid-day or perhaps a quote they want to share with a co-worker. The practice itself really presences them at the beginning of the day with a sense of appreciation and gratitude for themselves and others. No better way to start a day.

By the end of the day those three things have been given out to others or personally read. The wearer then empties the entire bag symbolizing the sense of emptying oneself of any burdens gathered during the day and the reminder that the next day starts afresh. No better way to end a day, feeling free and peaceful.