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Black Lit 10
Black Lit 10

Black Lit 10

I was inspired to make this bag for Black Pace. Her vision and leadership was so clear when I met her at a performance when she was 19.

Her presence inspired my life’s work, to resource and connect powerful African women to lead their own gender rights movement, not us white women.

The Black eyes represent her illuminating vision.  The blue nose represents the purity with which she breaths, lives and offers life to others.The green mouth represents the truth she spits as a hiphop artist.

I bow in all ten directions to the powerful women I have met in my life.

I am forever grateful to two phrases that were shared with me by two powerful women. One was a devoted buddhist practitioner of old wealth, the other a Malawian
maid who sat beside me after I was released from unfounded criminal charges in Africa. (Just to be clear the eight officers who rigorously interrogated me and traumatised me
just wanted bribe money which they never got. )

Drum role for the two phrases:

Do your best
Don’t think too much